Working with Changan-Pakistan

There’s a lot to look forward to and to drive forward to when you join the Changan-Pakistan team.

Joining Changan-Pakistan means working with a team that is passionate to create a positive impact on the society, country’s economy and on the lives of people who are directly or indirectly associated with it.

The organization offers exciting career opportunities to talented individuals who wish to work with an outstanding and professional team that is experienced, business-hardened and industry-experts in the automobile business. Changan-Pakistan provides you a chance to work on the latest technologies; learn the cutting-edge techniques in automobile engineering and assembly; all of which help to propel your passion into career progression while making organization better, bigger, faster and stronger.

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The Culture We Live By

We believe in people-power and that’s why our staff is at the heart of everything we do. We live by a positive working environment and an engaging culture that breeds enthusiasm so that our staff can go beyond frontiers to shape the future.

We provide to our staff an engaging, inclusive and safe working environment that fosters freedom of expression, liberty to take initiatives, to challenge situations and the courage to change directions if needed.

Working for us is more than ‘just a job’- it could be a lifelong career. Therefore, we continuously support and invest in the professional development of our staff, helping them achieve their career aspirations and to take them to next level jobs.

The company dedicates all of its wins to the people who collectively make this organization: ‘The Changan-Pakistan family’ and welcomes on board all those who are willing to drive Changan-Pakistan forward, upwards and onwards!

Our Guiding Behaviors & Values

From the way we treat our staff to the way we work with our customers, five guiding behaviors drive forward our ways of work and shape everything we do at Changan-Pakistan.

Remain Agile

We believe in quick actions; remaining fast on our feet in dealing with day-to-day business. We encourage swift yet correct decisions and quick turnarounds while responding to our colleagues and customer needs and expectations.

Always Explore

We believe growth comes from discovering, innovating and learning-by-doing every day. We take the courage to challenge situations, change directions and dare to test, fail and recover.

Keep Promises

We believe that trust and honesty is the key in all our relationships. We take ownership and pride in delivering our work and products with precision, integrity and quality.

Upkeep Diversity

We believe that diversity makes us smarter and sustainable; be it the unique human wide range of abilities, experience, knowledge, and strengths or an array of products.

Win Together

We believe that each individual is part of something bigger, and we value the contribution of every single employee. We seek different perspectives, share, involve and help each other succeed.

Careers at Changan-Pakistan

Whether you’re joining us at the start of your career or you’re bringing experience from years in the industry; we are always looking for new team members who have exemplary integrity; who can think ahead; who see barriers as opportunities; who possess the passion to succeed, the drive to meet business milestones and the resolve to reach greater heights while striving to become better versions of themselves.

We offer a diverse range of career opportunities having market competitive remuneration and chances to expand your career horizon. Our commitment to recruiting and retaining the very best talent extends to every part of the organization. We recognize that skill and experience come in many forms and we actively seek interest and applications from all industries and the wider community.

Apply Now

You may share your profile to remain in our databank for available and future career opportunities. HR team will contact you if any opening arise that match your skills and experience.

Please email us your CV at: careers@changan.com.pk

Changan-Pakistan is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and is committed to fundamentals of inclusion and diversity. We take positive action to offer employment and advancement opportunities based purely on merit and job / business needs to all applicants, including minorities, women and individuals without regard to race, colour, religion, social, ethnic origin or age.